This drum was developed in the same principle as the old Wellworthy drum with an aluminium outer case and cast iron liner but this drums employs a unique mechanical locking system designed to ensure that during the repeated expansion and contraction of materials under the most extreme working conditions it is impossible for the liner to move axially or circumferentially. Racemettle brake drums are built to the highest standards of quality and design to match or exceed the appearance and performance of the original aluminium brake drums. Our drum comprises a cast iron insert that is placed at temperature into a high integrity boxless sand casting system and is then encapsulated in an aluminium alloy chosen to give low differential expansion and high elasticity. Design of the drum is optimised to increase aluminium flow avoiding entrapment of air. Material analysis performed before each melt ensures consistency to the manufacturing process maintaining the high level of quality and accuracy to the casting.


The drum was developed to provide increased breaking efficiency by reducing brake fade. Aluminium having good thermal properties to dissipate the heat to the atmosphere that is generated under braking  also brings the benefit of weight saving, a typical 10” drum being over 0.5 kg lighter than its cast iron equivalent.


Currently available

ABD001 9” Triumph TR2 - TR6 £250.00 each

ABD002 MG TA, TB & TC £250.00 each

ABD003 Morgan (Wires) £285.00 each

ABD004 Morgan +8 (Alloys) £285.00 each

ABD007 MGA (Steel & rear wires) MGB (Steel & Banjo axle) £250.00 each

ABD008 MGB (Steel & tube axle) £250.00 each

ABD009 MGB (Wires & banjo axle) £250.00 each

ABD010 10” Triumph TR2 - TR3 £250.00 each

ABD011 MGB (Wires & tube axle) £250.00 each

ABD012 Jaguar XK (Front 16” wires) £395.00 each

ABD013 Jaguar XK (Rear 15” or 16” wires) £375.00 each


Prices EXCLUDE VAT and delivery




Our lightweight drum is of a completely new design that can save 2kg or more per drum rolling weight.

Machined from a solid aluminium bar, an inner extremely hard wearing friction surface less than 1mm thick is chemically bonded to the aluminium to produce a lightweight and very thermally efficient brake drum. Circumferential fins are efficient at dissipating heat and give added strength to prevent ovality.

Designed for fast road and race cars, in our tests, no brake fade could be detected by the race drivers whose lap times were consistent from first to last lap. On returning to the paddock, the drums were cool enough to be removed with unprotected hands.

As no cast iron inner ring is fitted, the drum can be designed to the same dimensions as the original cast iron drums. In this way, it is possible for us to duplicate almost any existing drum provided the fins will fit into the wheel.

The drums in the above picture are of a Ferrari 166 Lightweight and MG TA Afin but we have also produced drums for the Lotus 20, Morgan, Triumph TR, TVR, MG TA/B/C, MGB, Jaguar XK, Austin Healey and pre-war Bentley or we can copy original drums.

Prices for the special lightweight drums start with 9” and less diameter at £945+VAT per drum. Manufacture time is 6-8 weeks.













Updated 27 January 2014