Looks like a dynamo but is a lightweight alternator

Above left to right is a Rolls Royce, Ubiquitous Lucas C40 but with rear take off for a rev. counter and a 1938 Alfa alternator all designed to look like the old dynamos.

Manufactured from billet aluminium they incorporate our lightweight 50 amp race alternator inside more than doubling the output in most cases as well as saving weight.


Not only do you get the advantages of an alternator but reliability is improved even further as the control box is no longer needed and can be bypassed to retain the under bonnet look of your classic car.


Along with the most popular Lucas units; C39, C40, C40L, C42 & C45 we have also manufactured units for Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Willys Jeep, Chevrolet, AC Engines, Delahaye, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Bentley and the Ford model T. All models are available in negative or positive earth in 12v, 8v or 6v


Negative earth units require only 3 wires to be amended at the control box and are otherwise a straight bolt on replacement. Positive earth units require the same 3 wire change at the control box but also need a relay inserting between the ignition switch and warning light. Full instructions are provided.


Lucas units should be stamped on the body with the C number but if you can not find this, measure between the front and rear mounting brackets (at the point of attachment) that are; C40:144mm, C40L:155mm, C42:174mm and C45:166mm. We then need to know if it has a rear take off for a rev. counter and what polarity is required to quote for a replacement. Prices start with the standard negative earth C40 replacements at £395.00 + VAT


We can copy almost any dynamo down to about 90mm in diameter and 150mm in length. Many of the units we have built as specials are also running as a direct drive off the crank shaft at engine speed. Whilst this is not ideal, they have still proved to be a big improvement over the dynamos they replaced.


Should you want a replacement dynamo, new C40 units are available.


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Updated 18 July 2017