Like many components on classic cars, the water pumps were designed to cost and to achieve minimum requirements that met the needs of the vehicles and road conditions at the time. Today, when the motoring conditions are much more demanding, with modern traffic congestion and high specification fuels and oils, some of the marginal components are struggling to meet the current driving demands particularly if the engine has been up-rated in other ways.


Our range of water pumps are direct replacements for the existing pumps but with redesigned impellers to give higher volumes of flow. This improved flow and increased water pressure ensures that all parts of the cooling system receive adequate distribution of water.


The pumps for the TR2 to TR4A range of cars are of a completely new design that eliminates the two bearings and problematic seal with single modern bearing and seal arrangement (visible in the MG pump exploded view above) like the TR5-6 pumps. This also allows for fitting of the same press on pulley as the TR5-6 pumps removing the need for the woodruff key


Also redesigned the pump for the MG TB to TF range of cars with the XPAG/XPEG engine gives approximately twice the volume and pressure of the original pump and with the redesigned internals and aluminium impeller is very reliable. The MG pump comes complete with a push on pulley. MG pumps are also now available with aluminium pulley without the fan boss.


All our pumps are quality British products manufactured by ourselves to improve cooling under all operating conditions, road or race. All pumps are pressure tested prior to despatch.


Prices exclude VAT and delivery is extra.

RWP001  MG TB/F pump with standard push on pulley fitted  £175.00

MG TB/F pump with aluminium push on pulley fitted  £225.00

COL302  TR2-4A All alloy lightweight pump. Press on pulley will be required extra

COL301  TR5-6, TR250, GT6, 2.0 & 2.5 saloon All alloy lightweight pump without pulley

COL306  Alloy pulley to suit all above TR pumps

A new range of TR pumps are now available here


NOTE: All TR pumps are designed for narrow belt applications. Wide belt pulleys can not be fitted to them.

We recommend you have pulleys fitted free by us.


Updated 18 July 2017