Alternator, Dynamo & Starter Repair & Restoration


Whilst we can in most cases supply new alternators that look like your old dynamo, replacing a worn out or faulty dynamo is not always desirable as you may want to keep your car as original as possible. Similarly, we can supply a new high torque starter that will improve starting and reliability but it will not look like your old starter.


What we can do is use our expertise and many years experience with automotive rotating electrics to restore your old starter, dynamo or alternator to look and work like it did when it was new. We can also refurbish Lucas wiper motors. All new components and our workmanship is fully guaranteed.


The wide variety of units and possible faults and failures makes it impossible for us to give a fixed price for restoration work in advance. However if the unit is delivered to us, without obligation we will give as accurate an estimate of repair as we can before any work is carried out and if you decide not to proceed with the work we will return the unit to you.


There are many ways for you to deliver the unit to us. Post or courier the unit to us. For a small fee we can collect by courier. If it is too precious to risk a normal courier, deliver it by hand yourself (by prior appointment) or we can arrange special courier services at a cost. You can bring the vehicle to us and we will do all the work for you in our modern well equipped workshop or we can even arrange to collect the vehicle and return it to you completed.


For most units we will need three or four days to prepare an estimate of cost and check availability of components and after that, we can give an estimate of how long the restoration will take.


No project is too big or too small, too young or too old so if you must have the vehicle as authentic as possible please gives us a call and discuss your restoration requirements and we will do our very best to meet your needs and expectations.

Updated 18 July 2017