Aluminium and Magnesium Wheels

‘D’, ‘M’ and ‘E’ Type Aluminium Wheels.

This Dunlop style wheel is a finely detailed re-creation of Jaguars famous racing wheel as fitted to D Types and lightweight Es. The wheel is a two piece unit, die cast in aluminium and accurately machined with CNC equipment. After pressure testing the wheel is finished in silver powder coat with clear lacquer to give a robust and long lasting finish.

The ‘M’ type wheel was developed from the ‘D’ type as a very close match to the MG wheel. Available as 15”x 5.5”,6” or 7” they can be bolt on, 42mm spline, 52mm spline or peg drive. The ‘D’ style is also now available in 16” The ‘E’ type wheel is available as a 15”x 8”, 15”x 7.5” and 15”x 7” also bolt on, splined or peg drive.

Also available for this type of wheel are dummy spinners comprising 4 non-functional 42mm original style chrome spinners, threaded mounting plates and centre caps with two ears.

Application List

Racelite Magnesium Wheels.


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                                                                                                                  Updated 18 July 2017